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Thursday, June 23, 2016

IAAF announces exceptional eligibility guidelines for 'neutral' Russian athletes


Darya Klishina could be one of the 'neutral athletes' to represent Russiain Rio. (Photo: Getty Images
MONACO, June 23, 2016 - The IAAF published a set of guidelines for individual Russian athletes seeking exceptional eligibility to compete in international competitions, more specifically the Rio Olympic Games in six weeks' time.
The guidelines come following last week’s IAAF Council Meeting, where it was announced that the international athletics body would uphold is suspension of the Russian Athletics Federation (RusAF) and its athletes ahead of Rio 2016.
During the Council Meeting, IAAF President Seb Coe announced a rule amendment which means that any individual athletes who can "clearly and convincingly show that they are not tainted by the Russian system" because they have been outside the country and subject to other effective anti-doping systems, should be able to apply for permission to compete in international competitions, not for Russia but as a neutral athlete.
There has since been ongoing confusion sparked by IOC president Thomas Bach on whether any such athletes would be eligible to compete under the Russian flag or not.
IAAF President Sebastian Coe said: "Both the Taskforce and the Doping Review Board have worked extremely hard to get to where we are today, just days away from the European Championships. We know there are some Russian athletes considering applying to compete in international competitions under this new rule so it is important they are all clear about the criteria under which their application will be reviewed.”
IAAF Statement on IOC Summit: No flag for Russian athletes

MONACO, June 22, 2016 - The IAAF Council on Friday unanimously accepted the recommendation of the IAAF Taskforce to maintain the suspension of the Russian Athletics Federation (RusAF) and to amend the competition rules to allow Russian athletes to apply for eligibility, on an exceptional basis and subject to meeting strict criteria, to compete in international competitions, including the Olympic Games, in an individual capacity as neutral athletes, not under any country’s flag.
This decision has been unequivocally supported across sport and the IOC Summit unanimously agreed to fully respect the IAAF decision.
The IAAF will now work with the IOC to ensure the decision is respected and implemented in full.

Los 50 memes más hilarantes del triunfo de la Roja frente a Colombia


Autor: C. Z. / 23 junio, 2016

Chile está en la final de la Copa América Centenario. La Roja venció a Colombia en un partido accidentando.
La tormenta que azotó Chicago retrasó en más de dos horas el inicio del segundo tiempo. Fue un diluvio que casi lleva a suspender el partido. Sin embargo, se reanudó. Y a pesar que la cancha quedó inundada, tras las intensas lluvias, la selección logró mantener el resultado. Ahora repetirá la final de 2015 frente a Argentina.
Y también hubo una tormenta de memes. Los cibernautas inundaron las redes sociales con hilarantes imágenes. Todo sirvió. Desde la ausencia de Arturo Vidal –quien miró el partido desde una caseta del estadio– hasta el geógrafo Marcelo Lagos, un infaltable. Mire los 50 más destacados:
colombia meme 46
colombia meme 7
colombia meme 24
colombia meme 44
colombia meme 45
colombia meme 47
colombia meme 48
colombia meme 49
colombia meme 50
colombia meme 51
colombia meme 52
colombia meme 53
colombia meme 54
colombia meme 55
colombia meme 56
colombia meme 57
colombia meme 2
colombia meme 3
colombia meme 4
colombia meme 5
colombia meme 6

colombia meme 9
colombia meme 10
colombia meme 11
colombia meme 12
colombia meme 13
colombia meme 14
colombia meme 15
colombia meme 16
colombia meme 17

colombia meme 20
colombia meme 21
colombia meme 22
colombia meme 23
colombia meme 25
colombia meme 26
colombia meme 27
colombia meme 28
colombia meme 29
colombia meme 30
colombia meme 31
colombia meme 32
colombia meme 33
colombia meme 34
colombia meme 35
colombia meme 36
colombia meme 37

colombia meme 39
colombia meme 38
colombia meme 40
colombia meme 41
colombia meme 42
colombia meme 43